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Silicone Mould – Concrete Planter Mould – Platin Silicone – Pot Mould – Bristol Model


Geometric Silicone Concrete Planter Mould- Succulent Pot Mould

►Material: Silicone
►Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 6.2 cm

Clean the mould cavity with a wool sponge and mild soapy water and let dry.

Do not reverse inside out to dry the mould. Wipe the mould with the dry table napkin.

Store your silicone moulds separately, in a single, flat layer. Do not pile your moulds in a nylon bag or in a box. Neither put into your baggage with heavy things on it.

If you’re not planning to use the moulds for a while, you can pour warm candle wax into the mould to keep its shape. It will easily be de-moulded later.

Piling your moulds on each other will cause thein bending and wrapping, which will cause the malformation of your products. Therefore please be attentive when you store the silicone moulds.

Hint: if you want to create more space for storing moulds, you can put them on shelves.

Keep your moulds in a cool and dry environment. Do not put them under direct sunlight, ultraviolet light or in a frozen environment. Exposition to extremely hot or cold weather conditions would result in malformation and/or wrap of your moulds.

Do not pierce holes on the moulds. This will do a deformation to their shapes. To avoid the bubbles within the products you cast in the moulds, you can rap from the sides of the moulds immediately after pouring the concrete mixture.

Do not use solvents to clean your mould. Do not place it in the dishwasher. Do not wash the molds with extremely hot and boiling water.
Make sure your moulds are completely dry before storing.

Designed for long term use,
Easy-to-pour opening,
Easy to de-mould,
Estimated lifetime: 500+ castings
*Refunds are only in case item is damaged during transit. Please verify sizing before purchasing, there are no refunds for the wrong size.


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